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Session 4.1
Chart layouts provide
different options for
organizing chart elements.
A chart , or graph , is a visual
representation of a set of
data values. Charts show
trends or relationships that
may not be readily apparent
from numbers alone.
An embedded chart is an
object in a worksheet.
Each chart has a data
source , which is the range
that contains the data to
display in the chart. The
data source for the Fund
Assets pie chart is the
range A2:B6.
The series name , the first
row of the data range,
identifies the data series. In
this case, the series name is
row 9.
A data source is a collection
of one or more data series ,
which is a range of values
that is plotted a s a single
unit on the chart .
The first column of the data
range is the category
values , which are the
groups or categories that
the series values belong to.
These categories each
include three subcategories
in the range A10:B21.
The series values are the data displayed in the
chart. These series values are in the range C10:C21.
The vertical , or value , axis di splays
the series values from the data series.
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