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Moving a Chart to a Different Worksheet
Figure 4-3
Pie chart inserted into the Assets sheet
Chart Tools appear
when a chart is selected
data source
mbedde d
pie chart
Each slice in the pie chart you just created is a different size based on its value in the
data series. The biggest slice of the pie represents U.S. Stocks, which is the category that
has the largest value in the data series. The smallest slice of the pie represents the Other
category, which has the smallest value in the data series.
When you create or select a chart, three Chart Tools contextual tabs appear on the
Ribbon. The Design, Layout, and Format tabs provide additional commands for working
with the chart’s content and appearance. On the Design tab, you set the chart’s overall
design. On the Layout tab, you work with individual elements of the chart, such as the
chart’s title. On the Format tab, you format graphic shapes found in the chart, such as
the chart’s border or markers placed in the chart. When you select a worksheet cell or
another object that is not a chart, the Chart Tools contextual tabs disappear until you
reselect the chart.
Moving a Chart to a Different Worksheet
By default, a chart is inserted as an embedded chart. The advantage of an embedded
chart is that you can display the chart alongside any text or graphics that can explain
the chart’s meaning and purpose. However, an embedded chart covers worksheet cells,
which might contain data and formulas. You’ll learn how to move and resize an
embedded chart in this section.
You can move an embedded chart to a different worksheet in the workbook or you
can move it into a chart sheet (a sheet that contains only the chart and no worksheet
cells). Likewise, you can move a chart from a chart sheet and embed it in any worksheet
you select. The Move Chart dialog box provides options for moving charts between
worksheets and chart sheets. You can also cut and paste a chart to a new location in the
The assets pie chart was embedded in the Assets worksheet by default. Ajita wants the
chart embedded in the Summary Report worksheet. You will move the chart.
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