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Moving and Resizing Charts
To move the embedded pie chart to the Summary Report worksheet:
1. In the Location group on the Chart Tools Design tab, click the Move Chart
button. The Move Chart dialog box opens.
Trouble? If you don’t see the Chart Tools contextual tabs on the Ribbon, the
chart is probably not selected. Click the chart in the Assets sheet to select it, and
then repeat Step 1.
2. Click the Object in arrow to display a list of worksheets in the active workbook,
and then click Summary Report . See Figure 4-4.
Figure 4-4
Move Chart dialog box
moves the chart
to the Chart1
chart sheet
embeds the chart
in the selected
3. Click the OK button. The embedded pie chart moves from the Assets worksheet
to the Summary Report worksheet, and remains selected.
Moving and Resizing Charts
An embedded chart might cover other data in the worksheet or be placed in an awkward
location. You can fi x this by moving or resizing the embedded chart. To do so, fi rst select
the chart, which displays a selection box , which is a box surrounding the chart object
that is used to move or resize the object. To move the chart, drag the selection box to
a new location in the worksheet. To resize the chart, drag a sizing handle , which is a
square or dot on the selection box that is used to change the object’s width and height.
You will move and resize the assets pie chart so that it does not cover the data on the
Summary Report worksheet.
To move and resize the assets pie chart:
1. Move the pointer over an empty area of the selected chart until the pointer
changes to
Be sure to click the chart
area; otherwise, elements
in the chart might move.
and the “Chart Area” ScreenTip appears.
2. Drag the chart down and to the left until its upper-left corner is in cell A13 , and
then release the mouse button. The chart moves to a new location, but it still
covers some data.
Trouble? If the pie chart resizes or does not move to the new location, you
probably didn’t drag the chart from the chart area. Press the Ctrl+Z keys to undo your
last action, and then repeat Steps 1 and 2, being sure to drag the pie chart from
the chart area.
To retain the chart’s
proportions, hold down the
Shift key as you drag the
sizing handle.
3. Move the pointer over the sizing handle in the lower-right corner of the chart until
the pointer changes to , and then drag the sizing handle up to cell E21 . The
chart resizes to cover the range A13:E21 and remains selected. See Figure 4-5.
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