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Choosing a Chart Layout
Figure 4-6
Pie chart with the Style 26 chart style applied
Style 26 ch art style
click t he More
butto n to view
chart styles
pie slices a ppear
rounded and raised
Choosing a Chart Layout
The built-in chart layouts specify which chart elements are displayed and how they are
formatted. The chart layouts include some of the most common ways of displaying
different charts. Each chart type has its own collection of layouts. Depending on the pie chart
layout you choose, you can hide or display the chart title, display a chart legend or place
legend labels in the pie slices, and add percentages to the pie slices.
To clarify the relationship between the pie slices in the assets pie chart, Ajita wants
each slice to display its percentage of the whole. You’ll do this by changing the chart
To apply the Layout 6 chart layout to the assets pie chart:
1. In the Chart Layouts group on the Chart Tools Design tab, click the More button
to open the Chart Layouts gallery.
2. Click Layout 6 (the third layout in the second row). Percentages appear on or next
to the slices in the pie chart, and the chart title and legend remain in their original
locations. See Figure 4-7.
Percentages appear on
pie slices large enough to
fit the number; otherwise,
percentages appear next to
the slices in the chart area.
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