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Formatting the Chart Title
Figure 4-7
Pie chart with the Layout 6 chart layout
Layout 6 chart
click the M ore
button to view
additional layouts
percentag es added
to the pie slices
Trouble? Depending on your monitor size and resolution, your chart might look
different from that shown in Figure 4-7. This does not affect your work with the
pie chart.
With the percentages displayed on the pie chart, clients can quickly see how the
assets of the New Century Fund are allocated. For example, 58 percent of the New
Century Fund is invested in U.S. stocks and 12 percent in non-U.S. stocks. To fi t the
percentages, Excel reduced the size of the pie chart in the plot area. You’ll format some
of the other chart elements smaller to make more space for the pie.
Formatting the Chart Title
The chart title provides a description of the chart. By default, Excel uses the series name
for the chart title. You can edit or replace the default chart title. You can also format the
text of the chart title just like you can any other text in the workbook.
Ajita wants a more descriptive chart title. You’ll also reduce the title’s font size to make
more room for the pie chart.
To change and resize the chart title:
1. Click the chart title to select it. A selection box appears around the chart title.
2. Type Allocation of Assets . The new chart title appears in the formula bar, but no
changes are made to the title in the chart itself.
You can revise the title
text rather than replacing
it by double-clicking the
chart title to place the
insertion point in the text,
and then editing the text.
3. Press the Enter key. The chart title is updated with the entry and remains
4. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
5. In the Font group, click the Font Size arrow , and then click . The chart title 12
shrinks from 18 points to 12 points, and the pie chart increases in size to fill the
extra space. See Figure 4-8.
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