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Formatting the Chart Legend
Figure 4-8
Chart title updated and formatted
revised chart title
plot area increases
in response to the
smaller chart title
Formatting the Chart Legend
The chart legend identifi es each of the data series in the chart. With a pie chart, the
legend shows the colors used for each slice and the corresponding category values. In
this case, the category values are the different asset groups. As with the other elements,
you can choose the location of the legend and format it using tools on the Chart Tools
Layout tab.
Ajita wants you to move the legend to the left side of the chart and add an orange
border around the legend text to distinguish it from the rest of the chart.
To format the chart legend:
1. Click the Chart Tools Layout tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Labels group, click the Legend button, and then click Show Legend at
Left . The legend moves to the left side of the chart.
3. In the Labels group, click the Legend button, and then click More Legend
Options . The Format Legend dialog box opens, providing more advanced options
to format the element’s appearance.
4. Click Border Color in the list on the left side of the dialog box. The Border Color
options appear on the right side of the dialog box.
5. Click the Solid line option button. Two options related to border colors appear in
the dialog box.
6. Click the Color button to open the color palette, and then click Orange,
Accent 6, Lighter 40% (the last color in the fourth row) in the Theme Colors
section. See Figure 4-9.
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