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Formatting Data Labels
Formatting Data Labels
Data labels provide descriptive text for the individual data markers, such as pie slices.
When you use a chart layout that shows data labels, each label is placed where it best
fi ts—either on the pie slice or along its side. You can use this placement to specify that
all data labels appear next to their pie slices. Labels placed outside of the pie might
appear far from their slices. In those cases, leader lines , lines that connect each data
label to its corresponding data marker, can be added. Note that a leader line disappears
when enough space exists in the chart area to place a label next to its slice.
You added data labels to the assets chart when you selected the Layout 6 chart layout.
These percentage values were placed where they best fi t in relation to the pie slices. For
some asset categories, the label appears within the pie slice; for others, the label appears
next to the slice. For consistency and for ease of reading, Ajita wants all the data labels to
appear outside the pie chart. You’ll show leader lines for the labels.
To format the pie chart’s data labels:
1. In the Labels group on the Chart Tools Layout tab, click the Data Labels button,
and then click More Data Label Options . The Format Data Labels dialog box
opens with the Label Options displayed.
2. In the Label Position section, click the Outside End option button. In the Label
Contains section, the Percentage and the Show Leader Lines check boxes are
already checked because these were included in the chart layout you applied
earlier. These options set the data labels to display percentages outside the pie chart
and use leader lines when needed to connect the labels with their corresponding
pie slices. See Figure 4-11.
Figure 4-11
Label Options in the Format Data Labels dialog box
options to define the
number format of
the data label
displays the
data values as
options to de fine the
fill and border styles
of the data label
shows leader
lin es next to
the labels if
options to define the
alignment of the
label text
places labels
at the outer
edge of
each slice
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