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Creating a Column Chart
6. In the Font group, click the Fill Color button arrow , and then click Light
Blue (the seventh color in the Standard Colors section). The Cash slice and legend
marker change to light blue. Each slice of the pie now has a distinct color. See
Figure 4-13.
Figure 4-13
Pie slices with new colors
Cash pie slice and
legend changed
to light blue
Other pie slice
and legend
changed to yellow
The pie chart in the summary report clearly shows that most assets of the New
Century Fund are allocated toward U.S. stocks.
Exploding a Pie Chart
Pie slices do not need to be fixed within the pie. An exploded pie chart moves one slice
away from the others as if someone were taking the piece away from the pie. Exploded
pie charts are useful for emphasizing one category above all of the others. For example,
to emphasize how much of the New Century Fund is allocated toward U.S. stocks, you
could explode that single slice, moving it away from the other slices in the pie.
To explode a pie slice, select that slice from the pie chart and then drag the slice
away from the pie. You can also explode multiple slices by selecting each slice and
dragging them away. To explode all of the slices, select the entire pie and drag the pointer
away from the pie’s center. Each slice will be exploded and separated from the others.
Although you can explode more than one slice, the resulting pie chart is rarely effective
as a visual aid to the reader.
Creating a Column Chart
A column chart displays values in different categories as columns; the height of each
column is based on its value. Related to the column chart is the bar chart , which is a
column chart turned on its side so that the length of each bar is based on its value.
Column and bar charts are superior to pie charts when the number of categories is
large or the categories are close in value. It is easier to compare height or length than
area. Figure 4-14 displays the same data as a pie chart and a column chart. As you can
see, it’s more diffi cult to determine which pie slice has the largest area and by how
much. This is much simpler to determine with the column chart.
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