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Inserting a Column Chart
Figure 4-14
Comparing pie charts and column charts
Column and bar charts can also be applied to a wider range of data than pie charts.
For example, you can demonstrate how a set of values changes over time, such as the
value of the New Century Fund over several years. You can also include several data
series in a column or bar chart, such as the value of three funds over several years. The
values from different data series are displayed in columns side by side. Pie charts usually
show only one data series.
Inserting a Column Chart
The process for creating a column chart is the same as for creating a pie chart. First,
you select the data source. Then, you select the type of chart you want to create. After
the chart is embedded in the worksheet, you can move and resize the chart as well as
change the chart’s design, layout, and format.
The next part of the summary report lists the type of stocks being purchased by the
fund. Each mutual fund invests in different kinds of stocks. Some funds are heavily
invested in information technology, others in the service industry, and still others in
manufacturing. Diversifi cation (the distribution of investments among a variety of companies
or sectors to limit losses in the event one company or sector has an economic downturn)
is important, so all funds are invested to some degree in multiple economic sectors. The
New Century Fund is invested in 12 different economic sectors, organized into the
categories of information, services, and manufacturing.
Ajita wants you to create a chart that shows how the New Century Fund is distributed
among the 12 sectors in which it is invested. A pie chart cannot display 12 categories
effectively, so you will create a column chart to display this economic sector data. The
columns will represent only one data series, so you’ll use the 2-D Clustered Column
chart type. A clustered column chart uses vertical rectangles to compare values across
To create a column chart from the sector data:
1. Go to the Sectors worksheet, and then select the range A3:C15 . This range covers
the New Century Fund data that you want to include on the column chart.
2. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
3. In the Charts group, click the Column button, and then click the Clustered
Column chart (the first chart in the 2-D Column section). The column chart is
inserted in the Sectors worksheet, and the Chart Tools Design tab on the Ribbon is
4. In the Location group on the Chart Tools Design tab, click the Move Chart
button. The Move Chart dialog box opens. You’ll move the chart to the Summary
Report worksheet.
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