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Formatting a Column Chart Title and Legend
5. Click the Object in arrow, click Summary Report , and then click the OK button.
The column chart moves to the Summary Report worksheet.
6. In the Summary Report worksheet, click a blank spot in the chart area of the
column chart to make sure the chart is selected.
7. Drag the selected column chart down so its upper-left corner is in cell A23 .
8. Drag the sizing handle in the lower-right corner of the chart until the chart covers
the range A23:E37 . The chart is resized smaller. See Figure 4-15.
Figure 4-15
Column chart of investment sectors in the New Century Fund
available co mn
chart layouts
available column
chart styles
the height of each
column reflects the
data value
columns are divided
into categories on
the category (x) axis
The column chart shows that the New Century Fund is most heavily invested in
hardware information technology, healthcare and consumer services, and energy
manufacturing. On the other hand, the fund does not invest much in software, media, and
Formatting a Column Chart Title and Legend
The Design tab provides a gallery of column chart layouts and a gallery of column chart
styles. As with the pie chart you created, you can design the appearance of a column
chart by selecting one of the chart styles or formatting individual chart elements. The
default column chart layout includes a title and legend. When a chart has only one
data series—such as the column chart you just created—the chart title and legend are
You will remove the legend, and then edit and format the chart title to provide a more
descriptive title.
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