Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 4.2
A sparkline is a graph
that is displayed within
a cell. You can create
line, column, and
win/loss sparklines.
Line sparklines can
contain data markers to
identify the high and low
points (as shown here),
negative points, first
and last point, and all
A data bar is a
conditional format that
adds a horizontal bar to
the background of a cell
proportional in length to
the cell’s value.
A line chart displays data
values using a connected
line rather than columns
or bars.
You can create custom
label units; the value axis
entries are displayed
with the thousands unit.
You can overlay chart
legends on the ch art
to save space.
When the axis labels are
date values, you can
create a custom date
format, such as yyyy , to
display the four-digi t
year value shown here.
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