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Formatting Date Labels
The line chart includes three data series—the New Century Fund, a competing large
growth fund, and the S&P 500. Each series has a different line color. The line chart is
crowded by the default size of the legend and axis labels. You’ll reduce the font size of
the axis and legend, and then add a chart title that describes the chart’s content.
To edit the fund history line chart:
1. Click the Chart Tools Layout tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Labels group, click the Chart Title button, and then click Above Chart . A
chart title appears above the line chart surrounded by a selection box.
3. Type Fund History , and then press the Enter key. The new, descriptive title
appears above the chart.
4. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
5. In the Font group, click the Font Size arrow , and then click . The chart title is 10
reduced to 10 points.
6. Click the value axis to select it, and then set its font size to points. 8
7. Click the category axis to select it, and then set its font size to points. 8
8. Click the chart legend to select it, and then set its font size to points. The 8
line chart resizes to fill the space left by the smaller chart titles, axes, and chart
Next, you will change the scale used in the value axis so that the values range from $0
to $20,000 in $5,000 increments.
To modify the value axis scale:
1. Double-click the value axis to open the Format Axis dialog box.
2. Next to Maximum, click the Fixed option button, and then type 20000 in the box.
3. Next to Major Unit, click the Fixed option button, and then type 5000 in the box.
4. Click the Close button. The scale of the vertical axis ranges from $0 to $20,000 in
$5,000 increments.
Formatting Date Labels
In addition to numbers, a scale can be based on dates, as the category axis in the Fund
History line chart is. As with numerical scales, you can set the minimum and maximum
dates to use in the scale’s range. You can also set the major and minor units as days,
months, or years to use for the scale’s interval.
Ajita is more interested in the general trend from year to year than the exact dates
on which the fund values were calculated. Because of this, she wants the scale of the
category axis to show only years. You can save space by showing the labels every other
year. To do this, you’ll set the major tick marks to appear at two-year intervals, and then
set the minor tick marks to appear at one-year intervals, even though you won’t display
the minor tick marks on the chart until later.
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