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Review Questions
1. Which one of the following would not be considered a PC?
a. desktop
b. mainframe
c. notebook
d. tablet PC
2. The intangible components of a computer system, including the programs, are
a. peripherals
b. hardware
c. software
d. price
3. Keyboards, monitors, and printers are all examples of which of the following?
a. peripheral devices
b. input devices
c. output devices
d. software
4. Which of the following is a pointing device that allows you to control the pointer by
moving the entire device around on a desk?
a. mouse
b. trackball
c. touch pad
d. pointing stick
5. To display graphics, a computer needs a monitor and a(n):
a. expansion port
b. graphics card or processor
c. network card (NIC)
d. sound card
6. What part of the computer is responsible for executing instructions to process
a. peripheral device
b. card
c. processor
d. motherboard
7. What do you call each 1 or 0 used in the representation of computer data?
a. an ASCII
b. a pixel
c. a bit
d. a byte
8. What is a megabyte?
a. 10 kilobytes
b. about a million bytes
c. one-half of a gigabyte
d. about a million bits
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