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Overlaying a Chart Legend
You can apply custom formats to numbers just as you did earlier with dates. One
application of custom formats is to add text to a number. This is often used to include the
units of measure alongside the value, such as 10k to indicate 10,000. To add text to a
value, you use the custom format value text ”, where value is the number format applied
to the value and text is the text to include next to the value. The text must be placed
within quotation marks.
Without the Thousands title, the Fund History line chart provides no indication of
what the value axis numbers mean. Ajita suggests you add the letter “k” to each number,
displaying the values as 10k, 20k, and so forth. To do this, you’ll create a custom format.
Excel uses the format #,##0 to display integers, so you’ll change this format to #,##0“k”
to display the letter “k” at the end of the value.
Use Excel Help to learn
more about custom
format codes.
To create a custom format showing the thousands unit:
1. Click Number on the left side of the Format Axis dialog box.
2. Click in the Format Code box after the number format, and then type “k” to make
the format code #,##0“k”.
3. Click the Add button. This format code is added to the list of custom formats in
the Type box.
4. Click the Close button. The Format Axis dialog box closes, and the value axis
labels are revised, with the letter “k” added after each value. See Figure 4-24.
Figure 4-24
Custom value axis label units
value axis labels use
the letter "k" to
represent thousands
as the display units
Overlaying a Chart Legend
Chart elements, such as titles and legends, overlay the chart area, which means they are
placed on top of the chart. Overlaying chart elements is a way to make more space for
the plot area because the chart does not resize to make room for that element. After you
overlay an element, you might want to format it to make it easier to read.
Ajita thinks the legend takes up too much space on the right side of the chart. You
will overlay the legend, leaving more room in the chart area for the chart itself, and then
format it.
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