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Adding Gridlines
Adding Gridlines
By default, Excel places horizontal gridlines on line charts and column charts. Each
gridline is aligned with a major tick mark on the value axis. You can change the gridlines so
that they appear for only the minor units, appear for both the major and minor units, or
do not appear at all. The category axis has these same gridline options.
Ajita wants you to add vertical gridlines at the minor tick marks on the category axis.
Gridlines are similar to
borders in that you can
change their color and
design style as well as add
drop shadows or glowing
color effects.
To add vertical gridlines to the chart:
1. Click the Chart Tools Layout tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Axes group, click the Gridlines button.
3. Point to Primary Vertical Gridlines , and then click Minor Gridlines . Vertical
gridlines appear on the chart at each minor tick mark (in this case, every year).
Adding an Axis Title
An axis title is descriptive text that appears next to the axis values. An axis title can
provide additional information that is not covered in the chart title. It can include
information about the source of the data and the units in which the data is measured.
The values in the chart represent the return that the investor would have enjoyed from
a $10,000 investment starting in 2004. Because this fact is not obvious from the chart,
Ajita wants you to add the title “Return on $10K Investment” to the vertical axis.
To add a title to the vertical axis:
1. In the Labels group on the Chart Tools Layout tab, click Axis Titles , point
to Primary Vertical Axis Title , and then click Rotated Title . A title rotated
90 degrees is added to the axis.
2. Type Return on $10K Investment , and then press the Enter key. The descriptive
title is entered, but doesn’t fit well in the chart area.
3. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
4. In the Font group, click the Font Size button arrow , and then click . The font 8
size is reduced to 8 points.
5. In the Font group, click the Bold button
to remove the boldface from the
axis title.
6. Click cell to deselect the chart. The final version of the line chart is easier to A9
read than the unformatted version, and highlights how the New Century Fund
has performed over the past 10 years compared to the two benchmarks. See
Figure 4-26.
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