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Adding a Data Series to an Existing Chart
Figure 4-27
Revised pie chart
Other Assets
percentage changed
from 3.97% to 9.33%
all slices are
resized to
reflect the new
legend title is updated
Occasionally, you will want a chart to show a “snapshot” of the data at a certain time.
Before updating the values in the data source, copy and paste the chart as a picture.
Select the chart, copy it as usual, click the Paste button arrow, and then click Picture. The
chart is pasted as a picture without any connection to its data source.
Adding a Data Series to an Existing Chart
You can also modify a chart by adding a new data series. The new data series appears in
the chart with a different set of data markers in the same way that the line chart you
created had different data markers for each of the three different series.
Adding a Data Series to a Chart
• Select the chart to which you want to add a data series.
• In the Data group on the Chart Tools Design tab, click the Select Data button.
• Click the Add button in the Select Data Source dialog box.
• Select the range with the series name and series values you want for the new data
• Click the OK button in each dialog box.
The column chart you created shows the distribution of stocks in the New
Century Fund. Ajita wonders how this distribution compares to the distribution in the
S&P 500 index. For example, does the New Century Fund invest more in the
information sector, and is that why it outperformed the S&P 500 for the past 10 years? Ajita
included the sector percentages for the S&P 500 in the Sectors worksheet. You will add
this information to the column chart you’ve already created.
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