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Adding a Data Series to an Existing Chart
To add a data series to the existing column chart:
1. Click the Sector Percentages column chart to select it.
2. Click the Chart Tools Design tab on the Ribbon, and then, in the Data group,
click the Select Data button. The Select Data Source dialog box opens. The left
side lists all of the data series displayed in the chart. The right side lists the
category axis labels associated with each data series. You can add, edit, or remove
any of these data series from the chart.
3. Click the Add button. The Edit Series dialog box opens. In this dialog box, you
specify the name of the new data series and its range of data values.
4. With the insertion point in the Series name box, click the Sectors sheet tab, click
cell , and then press the Tab key. The cell with the series name is entered and D3
the insertion point moves to the Series values box.
5. Select the range D4:D15 . See Figure 4-28.
Figure 4-28
Edit Series dialog box
reference for the
cell containing
the series nam e
reference for the
range containing
the series values
6. Click the OK button. The Select Data Source dialog box reappears with the
S&P 500 data added to the list of data series in the chart. See Figure 4-29.
Figure 4-29
Select Data Source dialog box
click to add a
new data seri es
to the chart
data seri es in
the column chart
7. Click the OK button. The S&P 500 sector values appear as red columns in the
chart. See Figure 4-30.
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