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Creating a Combination Chart
Creating a Combination Chart
• Select a data series in an existing chart that you want to appear as another chart type.
• In the Type group on the Chart Tools Design tab, click the Change Chart Type button,
and then click the chart type you want.
• Click the OK button.
With so many columns in the Sector Percentages column chart, the data is diffi cult to
read and interpret. Ajita suggests you separate the S&P 500 values from the New Century
Fund values by plotting them as lines rather than columns. To do that, you’ll create a
chart that is a combination of a column and a line chart.
To apply the line chart type to the S&P 500 data series:
1. Click the Chart Tools Layout tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Current Selection group, click the Chart Elements arrow , and then click
Series “S&P 500 Baseline” to select the data series.
3. Click the Chart Tools Design tab on the Ribbon, and then click the Change Chart
Type button in the Type group. The Change Chart Type dialog box opens.
4. In the Line section, click Line with Markers (the fourth Line chart type).
5. Click the OK button. The S&P 500 values change to a line chart with markers. See
Figure 4-31.
Figure 4-31
Combination chart
New Century Fund
values displayed
as columns
S&P 500 values
displayed as a line
with markers
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