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Creating a Combination Chart
Because the chart now has two data series, you’ll add a legend to the top of the chart
to identify them.
To add a legend to the combination chart:
1. In the Labels group on the Chart Tools Layout tab, click the Legend button, and
then click Show Legend at Top . The legend appears above the chart.
2. Click the legend to select it.
3. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon, and then reduce the font size of the legend to
points. 8
4. Click cell A38 to deselect the chart. See Figure 4-33.
Figure 4-33
Completed combination chart
legend appears
above the chart
S&P 500 values
displayed as dat a
markers with no
connecting lines
The combination chart effectively shows that the New Century Fund invests less than
the S&P 500 in sectors from the fi nancial service industry, and invests more in other
sectors such as energy, consumer services, and hardware. This might account for the higher
performance of the New Century Fund.
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