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Adding Sparklines and Data Bars
Creating and Editing Sparklines
• In the Sparklines group on the Insert tab, click the Line, Column, or Win/Loss button.
• In the Data Range box, enter the range for the data source of the sparkline.
• In the Location Range box, enter the range into which to place the sparkline.
• Click the OK button.
• To edit a sparkline’s appearance, click the Sparkline Tools Design tab.
• In the Show group, click the appropriate check boxes to specify which markers to
display on the sparkline.
• In the Group group, click the Axis button, and then click Show Axis to add an axis to
the sparkline.
Ajita wants to add graphs to the Sectors worksheet to indicate how each of the
12 investment sectors performed during the last 10 years. Rather than create a separate
chart for each sector, you’ll conserve space in the worksheet by creating sparklines.
To insert sparklines in the Sectors worksheet:
1. Go to the Sectors worksheet.
2. In cell E3, enter 10-Year History , and then apply the Heading 4 cell style to the
cell and center the text within the cell.
3. Select the range E4:E15 . This is the location range, the cells in which you want to
insert the sparklines.
4. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, and then click the Line button in the
Sparklines group. The Create Sparklines dialog box opens. The location range is
already entered because you selected it before opening the dialog box.
5. With the insertion point in the Data Range box, click the Sector History sheet tab,
and then select the data in the range B6:M45 . This is the range that contains the
data you want to chart in the sparklines. See Figure 4-37.
Figure 4-37
Create Sparklines dialog box
the range B6:M45 on the
Sector History worksheet
contains the data fo r the
the range E4 :E15 on the
current worksheet is the
location to place the
6. Click the OK button. Sparklines are inserted into each cell in the selected range.
See Figure 4-38.
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