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Adding and Formatting Sparkline Markers
Figure 4-38
Line sparklines created for each sector
are inserted
into each cell
Ajita quickly notices from the sparklines that all of the investment sectors experienced
a sharp decline mid-way through the previous decade. The stocks in the information
sector category recovered from that loss to post gains during the second half of the decade.
However, the manufacturing stocks showed little or no increase after that mid-decade
decline. The stocks in the service category showed a moderate increase in the second
half of the decade.
Adding and Formatting Sparkline Markers
As with other charts, Excel provides built-in styles for sparklines. Because of the
compactness of sparklines, you can specify only the line color and the marker color. For line
sparklines, you can create markers for the following points: the highest value, the lowest
value, all the negative values, the fi rst value, and the last value. You can also create
markers for all data points regardless of their value or position in the data source.
Ajita wants you to add data markers for the high and low points within each sparkline
so that she can more easily track the progress each sector made during the decade and
locate the decade’s maximum and minimum values.
To add high and low markers to the sparklines:
1. Click the Sparkline Tools Design tab on the Ribbon, if necessary. The tab
contains options associated with the selected sparklines—in this case, line sparklines.
2. In the Show group, click the High Point and Low Point check boxes to display
markers for the high and low points within each sparkline.
You can change the
sparkline color by clicking
the Sparkline Color button
in the Style group on the
Sparkline Tools Design
tab. You can change the
marker color by clicking
the Marker Color button.
3. In the Style group, click the More button to open the Style gallery, and then click
Sparkline Style Colorful #2 (the second style in the last row). The color of the
high and low point markers changes to reflect the selection. See Figure 4-39.
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