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Adding and Formatting Sparkline Markers
Figure 4-39
Data markers added to sparklines
select which data
markers to show
on the selected
sparkline styles
sparklines with
green hig h point
markers and red
low point markers
4. Click cell to deselect the location range containing the sparklines. You can A2
more clearly see that the formatted sparklines use a green marker for the high
points and a red marker for the low points.
The only other feature you can add to a sparkline is an axis. The sparkline axis is
simply a horizontal line that separates positive values from negative values. To add an axis
to a sparkline, click the Axis button in the Group group on the Sparkline Tools Design
tab, and then click Show Axis. You won’t add an axis to the 10-Year History sparklines
because all of the fund values are positive and an axis would not add any information to
the charts.
Sparkline Groups
When you create sparklines, all the sparklines in the location range are part of a single
group. Clicking any cell in the location range selects all of the sparklines in the group.
Similarly, any formatting you apply affects all the sparklines in the group. This ensures
that all the sparklines for related data are formatted consistently.
In some instances, you might want to differentiate one sparkline from others in its
group. You can do this by applying a different format to that sparkline. To format an
individual sparkline, select the sparkline you want to format, and then click the Ungroup
button in the Group group on the Sparkline Tools Design tab. The selected sparkline is
split from the rest of the sparklines in the group. You can then apply a unique format to
the selected sparkline. To regroup the sparklines, select all of the cells in the location
range containing sparklines, and then click the Group button in the Group group.
One advantage of breaking up a sparkline group is that Excel can display each
sparkline based on the maximum and minimum values associated with the individual
sparkline’s data series. This becomes an important consideration if your data source contains
multiple data series covering vastly different ranges.
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