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Modifying a Data Bar Rule
The data bars shown in Figure 4-40 present essentially the same information as the
combination column and line chart you created earlier. However, the data bars have
the advantage of being compact in size and integrated with the values in the Sector
Percentages table.
Modifying a Data Bar Rule
The lengths of the data bars are determined based on the values in the selected range. The
cell with the largest value contains a data bar that extends across the entire width of the
cell, and the lengths of the other bars in the selected range are determined relative to that
bar. In some cases, this means that the longest data overlaps the cell’s data value, making
it diffi cult to read. You can modify the length of the data bars by altering the rules of the
conditional format.
In the Sector Percentages data, cell D11 contains the largest value (20.63 percent)
in the range C4:D15 and has the longest data bar. The data bar in cell D5, representing
10.17 percent, fi lls only half the cell width by comparison. Ajita does not want data bars
to overlap the cell values. You will modify the data bar rule to proportionally reduce the
lengths of the data bars so that the longest of them only fi lls half of a cell rather than an
entire cell.
When data bars are used
with negative values, the
date bars originate from
the center of the cell with
negative bars extending to
the left and positive bars
extending to the right.
To modify the data bar rule:
1. Select the range C4:D15 , which contains the data bars.
2. In the Styles group on the Home tab, click the Conditional Formatting button,
and then click Manage Rules . The Conditional Formatting Rules Manager
dialog box opens, displaying all the rules applied to any conditional format in the
3. Make sure Current Selection appears in the Show formatting rules for box.
You’ll edit the rule applied to the current selection, the data bars in the Sectors
4. Click the Edit Rule button. The Edit Formatting Rule dialog box opens. You want
to modify this rule so that the maximum value for the data bar is set to 0.40, or
40 percent. All data bar lengths will then be defined relative to this value.
5. In the Type row, click the Maximum arrow, and then click Number .
6. In the Value row, type 0.40 in the Maximum box. See Figure 4-41.
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