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Creating a Chart Sheet
7. In the Background section, click the 3-D Rotation button. The Format Chart Area
dialog box opens, displaying the 3-D Rotation options.
8. In the Rotation section, change the X value to 60° , change the Y value to 20° , and
then change the Perspective value to 80° . These settings rotate the chart.
9. In the Chart Scale section, change the Depth (% of base) value to 1000 . This
setting exaggerates the 3-D effect, making the chart appear thicker.
10. Click Fill on the left side of the dialog box, and then click the Gradient fill option
button. The background color of the chart area is set to a gradient fill.
11. Click the Preset colors button
, and then click Daybreak (the fourth color in
the first row).
12. Click the Direction button
, and then click Linear Down (the second
direction in the first row).
13. Click the Close button to return to the chart sheet. See Figure 4-44.
Figure 4-44
Rotated 3-D chart with exaggerated perspective
click to define the rotation
and perspective of the
3-D chart
all axes r moved
from the chart
Daybreak color fill
gradient applied
to the chart area
To complete the chart sheet, you’ll overlay the chart title “The New Century Fund”
over the chart and format it in a 48-point white font.
To overlay and format the chart title:
1. In the Labels group on the Chart Tools Layout tab, click the Chart Title button,
and then click Centered Overlay Title . The chart title is overlaid above the chart.
The chart expands to fill the extra space in the chart area.
2. Type The New Century Fund , and then press the Enter key. The new title is
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