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Session 4.2 Quick Check
3. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon, and then change the font size to points and 36
the font color to white .
4. Click outside of the chart to deselect it. The cover sheet is final. See Figure 4-45.
Figure 4-45
Final cover sheet
formatted chart title
is overlaid above the
chart area
5. Save the workbook, and then close it.
Ajita is pleased with the work you’ve done adding charts and graphics to the
workbook. She will present the workbook with all of its different charts to her clients to
provide them a concise report on the performance of the New Century Fund.
Session 4.2 Quick Check
1. When should you use a line chart in place of a column chart?
2. How do you overlay a chart legend?
3. How do you add a data series to an already existing chart?
4. What is a combination chart? Describe how to create a combination chart.
5. Explain how 3-D charts can lead to a false interpretation of the data. What can
you do to correct this problem?
6. What are sparklines? Describe the three types of sparklines.
7. What are data bars? Describe how data bars differ from sparklines.
8. How do you create a chart sheet?
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