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ProSkills Exercise: Decision Making
17. After settling on a budget and the terms of a loan that you can afford, develop an
action plan for putting your budget into place. What are some potential pitfalls that
will prohibit you from following through on your proposed budget? How can you
increase the likelihood that you will follow the budget? Be specifi c, and write down
a list of goals and benchmarks that you’ll use to monitor your progress in following
your fi nancial plan.
18. With the worksheet set up and your budget in place, you can take action and
monitor your results. You will want to update your worksheet each month as income or
expense items change to be sure you remain on track to meet your goals. You will
also want to confi rm that you made a good decision. If not, evaluate your budget
and determine what new action you need to take to get yourself back on track.
19. Format the worksheets for your printer. Include headers and footers that display the
workbook fi lename, the workbook’s author, and the date on which the report is
printed. If the report extends across several pages, repeat appropriate print titles on
all of the pages and include page numbers and the total number of pages on every
printed page.
20. Save and close your workbook, and then submit the completed workbook to your
instructor, in printed or electronic form, as requested.
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