Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.1
The Quick Access Toolbar
provides one-click access to
commonly used comma nds,
such as Save.
The Shutter Bar
Open/Close Button allows
you to close and open the
Navigation Pane; you might
want to close the pane so
that you have more room on
the screen to view the
object’s contents.
Access assigns the
default name
“Table1” to the
first new table you
create. When you
save the table, you
give it a more
meaningful name.
By defaul t, Access
creates the ID
column as the
primary key field
for all new tables.
The Click to Add
column provides
another way for
you to add new
fields to a table.
The Add & Delete
group contains options
for adding different
types of fields,
including Text and
Currency, to a table.
The Fields tab
provides options
for adding,
removing, and
formatting the
fields in a table.
The Navigation Pane is the
area that lists all the
objects (tables, reports, and
so on) in the database, and
it is the main control center
for opening and working
with database objects.
Datasheet view shows the
table’s contents as a
datasheet. The status bar
indicates the current view,
in t his case, Datasheet view.
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