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Adding New Fields
Figure 1-7
Text data type assigned to the ContractNum fi eld
options for adding
new fields to the table
Tex t data
type selected
Unique check
box selected
Note the Unique check box in the Field Validation group. This check box is
selected because the ContractNum field assumed the characteristics of the
default primary key field, ID, including the fact that each value in the field must
be unique. No two records in the Contract table will be allowed to have the same
value in the ContractNum field.
With the ContractNum fi eld created and established as the primary key, you can now
enter the rest of the fi elds in the Contract table.
Adding New Fields
When you create a table in Datasheet view, you can use the options in the Add & Delete
group on the Fields tab to add fi elds to your table. You can also use the Click to Add
column in the table datasheet to add new fi elds. (See Figure 1-7.) You’ll use both
methods to add the four remaining fi elds to the Contract table. The next fi eld you need to add
is the CustomerID fi eld. Similar to the ContractNum fi eld, the CustomerID fi eld will also
contain numbers that will not be used in calculations, so it should be a Text fi eld.
To add the rest of the fields to the Contract table:
1. In the Add & Delete group on the Fields tab, click the Text button. Access adds a
new field named “Field1” to the right of the ContractNum field. See Figure 1-8.
Figure 1-8
New Text fi eld added to the table
new field added
as the second
field in the table
default name
highlighted in
the new field
indicates t he data
type of the new field
The text “Field1” is selected, so you can simply type the new field name to
replace it.
2. Type CustomerID . The second field is added to the table. Next, you’ll add the
ContractAmt field. According to Oren’s plan, this field will contain the dollar
amount of each contract. The most appropriate data type for displaying dollar
amounts is the Currency data type.
3. In the Add & Delete group, click the Currency button. Access adds a third field to
the table, this time with the Currency data type.
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