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Saving a Table
To enter the remaining records in the Contract table:
1. Referring to Figure 1-10, enter the values for records 2 through 8, pressing the
Tab key to move from field to field and to the next row for a new record. Keep in
mind that you do not have to type the dollar sign, comma, or decimal places in
the ContractAmt values, because Access will add them automatically. Similarly,
you do not have to type all four digits of the year in the SigningDate field values;
you can enter only the final two digits and Access will display all four.
Trouble? If you enter a value in the wrong field by mistake, such as entering
a ContractType field value in the ContractAmt field, a menu might open with
options for addressing the problem. If this happens, click the “Enter new value”
option in the menu. You’ll return to the field with the incorrect value highlighted,
which you can then replace by typing the correct value.
To see more of the table datasheet and the full field values, you’ll close the
Navigation Pane and resize the ContractType column.
You can also press the
Enter key instead of the
Tab key to move from one
field to another, and to the
next row.
2. Click the Shutter Bar Open/Close Button at the top of the Navigation Pane.
The Navigation Pane closes, and you can see the complete table datasheet.
3. Place the pointer on the vertical line to the right of the ContractType field name
until the pointer changes to a shape, and then double-click the pointer. All the
ContractType field values are now fully displayed. See Figure 1-13.
Figure 1-13
Datasheet with eight records entered
Navigation Pane
is closed
field valu es are
completel y visible
4. Compare your table to the one in Figure 1-13. If any of the field values in your
table do not match those shown in the figure, you can correct a field value by
clicking to position the insertion point in the value, and then using the Backspace
key or Delete key to delete incorrect text. Then type the correct text and press the
Enter key.
Carefully compare your
ContractNum and
CustomerID values with
those in the figure and
correct any errors before
Saving a Table
The records you enter are immediately stored in the database as soon as you enter them;
however, the table’s design—the fi eld names and characteristics of the fi elds themselves,
plus any layout changes to the datasheet—are not saved until you save the table. When
you save a new table for the fi rst time, you should give it a name that best identifi es the
information it contains. Like a fi eld name, a table name can contain up to 64 characters,
including spaces.
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