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Proskills: Decision Making
Figure 32
System requirements table
Retailer #1
Retailer #2
Retailer #3
Windows 7 (Edition)
Office 2010 (Edition)
Brand of computer
Processor (brand and speed)
RAM (amount)
Video RAM (amount)
Hard disk (size)
Monitor (type and size)
Printer (type and speed)
Antivirus software
Firewall (software or router with
built-in firewall)
System price
Additional costs
Total price
2. Decide which version and edition of Windows you want to use. Enter this
information in the Your Requirements column of the table. Go to
and search the Microsoft Web site for information about the available editions of
3. Research the hardware requirements for running the edition of Windows you
selected. Search the Microsoft Web site again for the minimum and recommended
hardware requirements for running the edition of Windows that you selected.
4. Decide which edition of Offi ce 2010 you want and enter it in the fi rst column of the
table. Search the Microsoft Web site to fi nd a description of the software included
with each edition of Offi ce 2010, and then search for the hardware requirements for
running the edition of Offi ce 2010 that you chose. If necessary, change the hardware
requirements in the table.
5. Research the cost of your new computer system. To begin, visit local stores, look
at advertisements, or search the Web for computer system retailers. Most computer
retailers sell complete systems that come with all the necessary hardware, an
operating system, and additional software already installed. Consider visiting a small, local
computer store where they have the capability to custom-build a system for you. In
the Computer Retailer #1 column of the table, fi ll in the specifi cations for the system
you chose. If any item listed as a minimum requirement is not included with the
system you chose, fi nd the cost of adding that item and enter the price in the table.
Repeat this process with systems from two other retailers, entering the specifi cations
in the Computer Retailer #2 and Computer Retailer #3 columns.
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