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Saving a Table
Figure 1-14
Entering a new record
Home tab displayed
option for entering
a new record
new record will be
entered in row 9
4. With the insertion point in the ContractNum field for the new record, type 3020
and then press the Tab key.
5. Complete the entry of this record by entering each value shown below, pressing
the Tab key to move from field to field:
CustomerID = 11055
ContractAmt = $6,500.00
SigningDate = 2/19/2013
ContractType = Landscape design for restaurant
6. Enter the values for the next new record, as follows, and press the Tab key after
entering the ContractType field value:
ContractNum = 3025
CustomerID = 11083
ContractAmt = $15,500.00
SigningDate = 3/25/2013
ContractType = Landscape renovation for plaza
Your datasheet should now look like the one shown in Figure 1-15.
Figure 1-15
Datasheet with additional records entered
button for cl osing
the Contract table
two new records
added at the end
of the table
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