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Opening a Table
The new records you added appear at the end of the table, and are not sorted
in order by the primary key field values. For example, ContractNum 3020
should be the fifth record in the table, placed between ContractNum 3017 and
ContractNum 3021. When you add records to a table datasheet, they appear at
the end of the table. The records are not displayed in primary key order until you
close and reopen the table, or switch between views.
7. Click the Close ‘Contract’ button on the object tab (see Figure 1-15 for the
location of this button). The Contract table closes, and the main portion of the
Access window is now blank because no database object is currently open.
Opening a Table
The tables in a database are listed in the Navigation Pane. You open a table, or any
Access object (query, form, report), by double-clicking the object name in the Navigation
Pane. Next, you’ll open the Contract table so you can see the order of all the records
you’ve entered.
To open the Contract table:
1. On the Navigation Pane, click the Shutter Bar Open/Close Button
to open
the pane. Note that the Contract table is listed.
2. Double-click Contract to open the table in Datasheet view. See Figure 1-16.
Figure 1-16
Table with 10 records entered and displayed in primary key order
Contract table
object in the
Belmont database
two records added
now appear in
primary key order
records list ed in order
by the values in the
primary key field
Current Record box
indicates the table
contains 10 records
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