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Session 1.2
The Forms group contains
options for creating a form ,
which is a database object
you use to enter, edit, and
view records in a database.
The Query Wizard button
opens a dialog box with
different types of wizards
that guide you through the
steps to create a query. One
of these, the Simple Query
Wizard , allows you to select
records and fields quickly to
display in the query results.
You use the options in the
Tables group to create a
table in Datasheet view or in
Design view (which you learn
about in Tutorial 2).
The Queries group contains
options for creating a query ,
which is a question you ask
about the data stored in a
database. In response to a
query, Access displays the
specific records and fields
that answer your question.
The Form tool
quickly creates a
form containing all
the fields in the
table (or query) on
which you’re basing
the form.
The Form Wizard
guides you throug h
the process of
creating a form.
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