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Copying Records from Another Access Database
Copying Records from Another Access Database
When you created the Contract table, you entered records directly into the table
datasheet. There are many other ways to enter records in a table, including copying and
pasting records from a table into the same database or into a different database. To use
this method, however, the tables must have the same structure—that is, the tables must
contain the same fi elds, with the same design and characteristics, in the same order.
Oren has already created a table named Agreement that contains additional records
with contract data. The Agreement table is contained in a database named Oren located
in the Access1\Tutorial folder included with your Data Files. The Agreement table has
the same table structure as the Contract table you created.
Opening a Database
• Start Access. If necessary, click the File tab to display Backstage view.
• Click the Open command in the navigation bar to display the Open dialog box.
• Navigate to the database file you want to open, and then click the file.
• Click the Open button.
Your next task is to copy the records from the Agreement table and paste them into
your Contract table. To do so, you need to open the Oren database.
To copy the records from the Agreement table:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure that the Belmont
database is open, and the Contract table is open in Datasheet view.
Trouble? If you need to open the Belmont database, a Security Warning might
appear below the Ribbon indicating that some active content has been disabled.
Access provides this warning because some databases might contain content
that could harm your computer. Because the Belmont database does not contain
objects that could be harmful, you can open it safely. Click the Enable Content
button next to the Security Warning.
2. In the Navigation Pane, click the Shutter Bar Open/Close Button to close
the pane (if necessary) and display more of the table datasheet. To open a second
database, you need to start another copy of Access.
3. Click the Start button on the taskbar, click All Programs , click Microsoft
Office , and then click Microsoft Access 2010 . The Access program opens in
Backstage view. To open an existing database, you use the Open command in the
navigation bar.
4. In the navigation bar, click Open to display the Open dialog box.
5. Navigate to the drive that contains your Data Files.
6. Navigate to the Access1\Tutorial folder, click the database file named Oren , and
then click the Open button. The Oren database opens in a second Access window.
Note that the database contains only one object, the Agreement table.
Trouble? If the Security Warning opens, click the Enable Content button to close it.
7. In the Navigation Pane, double-click Agreement to open the Agreement table in
Datasheet view. The table contains 55 records and the same five fields, with the
same characteristics, as the fields in the Contract table. See Figure 1-17.
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