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Copying Records from Another Access Database
Figure 1-17
Agreement table in the Oren database
same field s as in
the Contract table
click the datasheet
selector to select
all the records in
the table
table cont ains a
total of 55 records
Oren wants you to copy all the records in the Agreement table. You can select all
the records by clicking the datasheet selector , which is the box to the left of the
first field name in the table datasheet (see Figure 1-17).
8. Click the datasheet selector to the left of the ContractNum field. Access selects
all the records in the table.
9. In the Clipboard group on the Home tab, click the Copy button. All the records
are copied to the Clipboard.
10. Click the Close ‘Agreement’ button on the object tab. A dialog box opens
asking if you want to save the data you copied to the Clipboard. This dialog box
opens only when you copy a large amount of data to the Clipboard.
11. Click the Yes button. The dialog box closes, and then the Agreement table closes.
12. Click the Close button on the Access window title bar to close the Oren
database and the second Access program window.
With the records copied to the Clipboard, you can now paste them into the
Contract table.
To paste the records into the Contract table:
1. With the Belmont database’s Contract table open in Datasheet view, position the
pointer on the row selector for row 11 (the next row available for a new record)
until the pointer changes to a shape, and then click to select the row.
Trouble? If you have difficulty displaying the correct pointer shape, click an
empty area of the table datasheet to establish the window as the active window.
Then repeat Step 1.
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