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Proskills: Decision Making
6. If the system you chose does not come with a printer, search the Web for an
inexpensive color inkjet printer.
7. If the system you chose does not come with antivirus software, search the Web for
the cost, if any, of an antivirus software package. Make sure you look up reviews of
the package you chose. Decide whether to purchase this software or download a
free one, and enter this cost in the table.
8. If you decide you need a router with a built-in fi rewall, search the Web for the price
of one. Enter this information in the table.
9. Total the costs you entered in the table for the various items. Is the total cost $800 or
less? If not, revisit some of the items. Can you get a less expensive printer? Do you
need to downgrade to a less expensive monitor? Likewise, if you are under budget,
upgrade a part of your system. For example, if the system you chose meets only the
minimum requirements for running Windows and Offi ce, see if you can afford a
system that will be able to run that software with all of their features. Or perhaps you
can afford to upgrade the monitor to a larger, fl at panel monitor. Reevaluate your
choices if necessary and try to get your total cost close to $800.
10. Submit your fi nal choices to your instructor in electronic or printed format, as
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