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Creating a Simple Query
SigningDate. To produce this list for Oren, you’ll use the Simple Query Wizard to create
a query based on the Contract table.
To start the Simple Query Wizard:
1. Click the Create tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Queries group on the Create tab, click the Query Wizard button. The New
Query dialog box opens.
3. Make sure Simple Query Wizard is selected, and then click the OK button. The
first Simple Query Wizard dialog box opens. See Figure 1-20.
Figure 1-20
First Simple Query Wizard dialog box
default source
for the query
moves the
field to the
Fields box
moves all available
fields to th e
Selected Fields box
removes all
selected fields
removes a
selected field
Because the Contract table is the only object in the Belmont database, it is listed
in the Tables/Queries box by default. If the database contained more objects,
you could click the Tables/Queries arrow and choose another table or a query as
the basis for the new query you are creating. The Available Fields box lists all the
fields in the Contract table.
You need to select fi elds from the Available Fields box to include them in the query. To
select fi elds one at a time, click a fi eld and then click the button. The selected fi eld
moves from the Available Fields box on the left to the Selected Fields box on the right.
To select all the fi elds, click the button. If you change your mind or make a mistake,
you can remove a fi eld by clicking it in the Selected Fields box and then clicking the
button. To remove all selected fi elds, click the button.
Each Simple Query Wizard dialog box contains buttons on the bottom that allow you
to move to the previous dialog box (Back button), move to the next dialog box (Next
button), or cancel the creation process (Cancel button). You can also fi nish creating the
object (Finish button) and accept the wizard’s defaults for the remaining options.
Oren wants his list to include data from only the following fi elds: ContractNum,
ContractAmt, and ContractType. You need to select these fi elds to include them in
the query.
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