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Creating a Simple Query
To create the query using the Simple Query Wizard:
1. Click ContractNum in the Available Fields box to select the field (if necessary),
and then click the
button. The ContractNum field moves to the Selected
You can also double-click
a field to move it from the
Available Fields box to the
Selected Fields box.
Fields box.
2. Repeat Step 1 for the fields ContractAmt and ContractType , and then click the
Next button. The second Simple Query Wizard dialog box opens and asks if you
want a detail or summary query. This dialog box opens when the values in one of
the fields selected for the query could be used in calculations—in this case, the
ContractAmt field. Oren wants to see every field of every record and does not
want to perform summary calculations on the ContractAmt field values, so you
need to create a detail query.
3. Make sure the Detail option button is selected, and then click the Next button.
The third, and final, Simple Query Wizard dialog box opens and asks you to
choose a name (title) for your query. Access suggests the name “Contract Query”
because the query you are creating is based on the Contract table. You’ll change
the suggested name to “ContractList.”
4. Click at the end of the suggested name, use the Backspace key to delete the word
“Query” and the space, and then type List . Now you can view the query results.
5. Click the Finish button to complete the query. Access displays the query results in
Datasheet view, on a new tab named “ContractList.” A query datasheet is similar
to a table datasheet, showing fields in columns and records in rows—but only for
those fields and records you want to see, as determined by the query
specifications you select.
6. Place the pointer on the vertical line to the right of the ContractType field name
until the pointer changes to a shape, and then double-click the pointer. All the
ContractType field values are now fully displayed. See Figure 1-21.
Figure 1-21
Query results
only the three
selected f fields are
displayed in the
query datasheet
all 65 records
are included in
the results
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