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Creating a Simple Report
Figure 1-23
Report created by the Report tool
current day, date,
and time displayed
(yours might differ)
dotted lines show
the page edges
column headings
appear in a
different font color
report graphic
borders ar ound
field values
report disp layed
in Layout view
The report shows each fi eld in a column, with the fi eld values for each record in a
row, similar to a datasheet. However, the report offers a more visually appealing format
for the data, with the column headings in a different color, borders around each fi eld
value, a graphic of a report at the top left, and the current day, date, and time at the top
right. Also notice the dotted horizontal and vertical lines on the top and right,
respectively; these lines mark the edges of the page and show where text will print on the page.
The report needs some design changes to better display the data. The columns
are much wider than necessary for the ContractNum and CustomerID fi elds, and the
ContractType fi eld’s values and borders are not completely displayed within the page
area defi ned by the dotted lines, which means they would not appear on the printed
report. You can resize the columns easily in Layout view.
To resize the ContractNum and CustomerID columns:
1. Position the pointer on the right border of any field value in the ContractNum
column until the pointer changes to a
2. Click and drag the mouse to the left; dark outlines surround the field name and
each field value to show the column width as you change it. Drag to the left until
the column is slightly wider than the ContractNum field name.
3. Release the mouse button. The ContractNum column is now narrower, and the
other four columns shifted to the left. The ContractType field, values, and borders
are almost completely within the page area. See Figure 1-24.
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