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Creating a Simple Report
Figure 1-24
Report after resizing the ContractNum column
field values
and borders
within the
area marked
by the
dotted lines
column is now
4. Click the first field value for CustomerID to establish the field as the current field.
5. Position the pointer on the right edge of the first value in the CustomerID column
until the pointer changes to a shape, click and drag to the left until the column
is slightly wider than its field name, and then release the mouse button. Now the
entire ContractType field, values, and borders are within the report’s page area.
6. Drag the scroll box on the vertical scroll bar all the way down to the bottom of the
report to check its entire layout.
The Report tool automatically displays the page number at the bottom right,
but the text “Page 1 of 1” appears cut off through the vertical dotted line. This
will cause a problem when you print the report, so you need to move this text to
the left.
7. Click anywhere on the words Page 1 of 1 . An orange outline appears around the
text, indicating it is selected. See Figure 1-25.
Figure 1-25
Report page number selected
text to the right
of this do tted
line woul d print
on its ow n page
total amou nt is not
completely visible
text is selected and
can be mo ved to
the left
With the text selected, you can use the keyboard arrow keys to move it.
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