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Creating a Simple Report
8. Press the key repeatedly until the selected page number is to the left of the
vertical dotted line (roughly 35 times). The page number text is now completely
within the page area and will print on the same page as the rest of the report.
Notice the total amount shown at the end of the report for the ContractAmt field.
The Report tool calculated this amount and displayed it on the report. Often, you
want to include information such as summaries and totals in a report; in this case,
the Report tool generated it for you automatically. However, the amount looks
partially cut off at the left and bottom and might not print correctly. To be sure
the entire value is displayed in the report, you’ll resize the box containing it.
You can also use the
mouse to drag the
selected page number.
9. Click to select the total contract amount, $1,762,575.00 . An orange outline
surrounds the value, indicating it is selected.
10. Place the pointer on the right side of the box until the pointer changes to a
shape, and then click and drag to the right just a little until the dollar sign is
completely visible; then place the pointer on the bottom of the box until the pointer
changes to , and then click and drag down a little until the full field value is
displayed. The report scrolls up after you release the mouse button. See Figure 1-26.
Figure 1-26
Report after moving the page number and resizing the total
page number
moved to the
left, into the
page area
total for the
field resized
11. Drag the scroll box back up to redisplay the top of the report.
The report is displayed in Layout view, which doesn’t show how many pages there are
in the report. To see this, you need to switch to Print Preview.
To view the report in Print Preview:
1. In the Views group on the Design tab, click the View button arrow , and then
click Print Preview . The first page of the report is displayed in Print Preview. See
Figure 1-27.
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