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Case Problems
11. Close the Company table, and then compact and repair the Supplier database.
12. Close the Supplier database.
If you have a SAM 2010 user profile, your instructor may have assigned an
autogradable version of this assignment. If so, log into the SAM 2010 Web site at to download the instructions and start files.
Case Problem 1
Data File needed for this Case Problem: School.accdb
Pine Hill Music School After giving private piano lessons from her home for several
years, Yuka Koyama founded the Pine Hill Music School in Portland, Oregon. Because
of her popularity as a music teacher, Yuka attracted top-notch students, and her school
quickly established a reputation for excellence. During the past two years, other
qualifi ed teachers have joined Yuka to offer instruction in voice, violin, cello, guitar,
percussion, and other instruments. As her school continues to grow, Yuka wants to use Access to
keep track of information about students, teachers, and contracts. You’ll help Yuka create
and maintain an Access database to store data about her school. Complete the following:
1. Create a new, blank database named Pinehill , and save it in the Access1\Case1
folder provided with your Data Files.
2. In Datasheet view for the Table1 table, rename the default primary key ID fi eld to
TeacherID . Change the data type of the TeacherID fi eld to Text.
3. Add the following fi ve fi elds to the new table in the order shown; all of them are Text
fi elds except HireDate, which is a Date/Time fi eld: FirstName , LastName , Degree ,
School , and HireDate . Save the table as Teacher .
4. Enter the records shown in Figure 1-31 in the Teacher table. For the fi rst record,
be sure to enter your fi rst name in the FirstName fi eld and your last name in the
LastName fi eld.
Figure 1-31
Teacher table records
Student First
Student Last
Lewis & Clark College
Pacific University
Pacific University
University of Portland
University of Portland
5. Yuka created a database named School that contains a Faculty table with teacher
data. The Teacher table you created has the same design as the Faculty table.
Copy all the records from the Faculty table in the School database (located in the
Access1\Case1 folder provided with your Data Files) and paste them at the end of
the Teacher table in the Pinehill database.
6. Resize columns in the datasheet, as necessary, so that all the fi eld values are
completely displayed, and then save the Teacher table.
7. Close the Teacher table, and then use the Navigation Pane to reopen it. Note that the
records are displayed in primary key order.
8. Use the Simple Query Wizard to create a query that includes the FirstName,
LastName, and HireDate fi elds (in that order) from the Teacher table. Name the
query StartDate , and then close the query.
9. Use the Form tool to create a form for the Teacher table. Save the form as
TeacherInfo , and then close it.
10. Use the Report tool to create a report based on the Teacher table. In Layout view, resize
each fi eld so it is slightly wider than the longest entry (either the fi eld name itself or an
entry in the fi eld). All six fi elds should fi t within the page area after resizing. Move the
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