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6. If necessary, resize the columns in the datasheet so that all the fi eld values are
completely displayed, and then save the Donor table.
7. Close the Donor table, and then use the Navigation Pane to reopen it. Note that the
records are displayed in primary key order.
8. Use the Simple Query Wizard to create a query that includes all the fi elds in the
Donor table except the Title fi eld. ( Hint : Use the and buttons to select the
necessary fi elds.) Save the query using the name DonorPhoneList .
The query results are displayed in order by the DonorID fi eld values. You can specify 9.
a different order by sorting the query. Display the Home tab. Then, click the insertion
point anywhere in the LastName column to make it the current fi eld. In the Sort &
Filter group on the Home tab, click the Ascending button. The records are now listed
in order by the values in the LastName fi eld. Save and close the query.
10. Use the Form tool to create a form for the Donor table. In the new form, navigate
to record 8, and then print the form for the current record only . ( Hint : You must use
the Print dialog box in order to print only the current record. Go to Backstage view,
click the Print command, and then click Print to open the Print dialog box. Click the
Selected Record(s) option button and then click the OK button to print the current
record.) Save the form as DonorInfo , and then close it.
11. Use the Report tool to create a report based on the Donor table. In Layout view,
resize each fi eld so it is slightly wider than the longest entry (either the fi eld name
itself or an entry in the fi eld). All fi ve fi elds should fi t within the page area after
resizing. Move the text “Page 1 of 1” to the left so it is within the page area. Also, resize
the box containing the total amount that appears below the DonorID column so that
the amount is completely displayed. Display the report in Print Preview and verify
that the fi elds and page number fi t within the page area. Save the report as DonorList .
Print the report (only if asked by your instructor to do so), and then close it.
12. Close the Donor table, and then compact and repair the Rossi database.
13. Close the Rossi database.
Case Problem 4
Explore some
new skills to
create a database
for a luxury rental
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Travel.accdb
GEM Ultimate Vacations As guests of a friend, Griffi n and Emma MacElroy spent two
weeks at a magnifi cent villa in the south of France. This unforgettable experience stayed
with them upon returning to their home in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. As a result,
they decided to open their own agency, GEM Ultimate Vacations, which specializes in
locating and booking luxury rental properties, primarily in Europe. Recently, Griffi n and
Emma expanded their business to include properties in Africa as well. From the
beginning, Griffi n and Emma used computers to help them manage all aspects of their
business. They recently installed Access and now would like you to create a database to store
information about guests, properties, and reservations. Complete the following:
1. Create a new, blank database named GEM , and then save it in the Access1\Case4
folder provided with your Data Files.
2. In Datasheet view for the Table1 table, rename the default primary key ID fi eld to
GuestID . Change the data type of the GuestID fi eld to Text.
3. Add the following eight Text fi elds to the new table in the order shown: GuestFirst ,
GuestLast , Address , City , State/Prov , PostalCode , Country , and Phone . Resize the
columns, if necessary, so that the complete fi eld names are displayed. Save the table
as Guest .
4. Enter the records shown in Figure 1-34 in the Guest table. For the fi rst record,
be sure to enter your fi rst name in the GuestFirst fi eld and your last name in the
GuestLast fi eld.
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