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Session 2.1
The default name for a new
table you create in Design
view is Table1. This name
appears on the tab for the
new table.
In the Field Name column, you enter
the name for each new field in the
table. When you first open a new
Table window in Design view, Field
Name is the current property.
In the Data Type column, you select the
appropriate data type for each new field in
the table. The data type determines what
field values you can enter for a field and
what other properties the field will have.
The default data type for a new field is Text.
The top portion of the Table
window in Design view is
called the Table Design
grid . Here, you enter values
for the Field Name, Data
Type, and Description field
After you assign a data type
to a field, the General tab
displays additional field
properties for that data
type. Initially, most field
properties are assigned
default values.
When defining the fields in a
table, you can move from
the Table Design grid to the
Field Properties pane by
pressing the key. F6
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