Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2.1
Design view allows
you to define or modify
a table structure or the
properties of the fields
in a table.
You can use the
Description property
to enter an optional
description for a field
to explain its purpose
or usage. A field’s
Description property
can be up to 255
characters long, and its
value appears on the
status bar when you
view the table
The bottom portion of
the Table window in
Design view is called
the Field Properties
pane . Here, you select
values for all othe r
field properties, most
of which are optional.
The purpose or
characteristics of
the current p roperty
(Field Name, in this
case) appear in this
section of the Field
Properties pane.
You can display more
complete Help
information about the
current property by
pressing the F1 key.
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