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Changing the Format of a Field in Datasheet View
Changing the Format of a Field in
Datasheet View
The Formatting group on the Fields tab in Datasheet view allows you to modify some
formatting for certain fi eld types. When you format a fi eld, you change the way data is
displayed, but not the actual values stored in the table. Next, you’ll open the Contract
table in the Belmont database to view the formatting of the fi elds in the table.
To view the formatting of the Contract table’s fields:
1. Start Access, open the Belmont database you created in Tutorial 1, and make
sure the Navigation Pane is open. This database file should be located in the
Access1\Tutorial folder provided with your Data Files.
Trouble? If the Security Warning is displayed below the Ribbon, click the Enable
Content button.
2. In the Navigation Pane, double-click the Contract table to open it in
Datasheet view.
3. On the Navigation Pane, click the Shutter Bar Open/Close Button
to close
the pane and view more of the table datasheet. See Figure 2-5.
Figure 2-5
Contract table datasheet
Text fiel d values
are left-aligned
Currency and
Date/Tim e
field values are
Notice that the values in the three Text fields—ContractNum, CustomerID, and
ContractType—appear left-aligned within their boxes, and the values in the
ContractAmt and SigningDate fields appear right-aligned. In Access, values for
Text fields are left-aligned, and values for Number, Date/Time, and Currency
fields are right-aligned.
The ContractAmt fi eld contains dollar values representing the total amount of each
Belmont Landscapes contract. Oren knows that these dollar amounts will never contain
cents because the contracts are drawn up in whole amounts only; therefore, the two
decimal places currently shown for the values are unnecessary. Further, Oren feels that
the dollar signs clutter the datasheet and are also unnecessary. He asks you to modify the
format of the ContractAmt fi eld to remove the dollar signs and decimal places. You can
make these changes in Datasheet view using options on the Fields tab. You’ll also check
the format of the SigningDate fi eld and modify it, if necessary.
To modify the format of the ContractAmt and SigningDate fields:
1. Click the Fields tab on the Ribbon.
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