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Changing the Format of a Field in Datasheet View
2. Click the first field value in the ContractAmt column. The options in the
Formatting group indicate that this field has the Currency data type and the
Currency format. See Figure 2-6.
Figure 2-6
Format of the ContractAmt fi eld
Currency data type
and Currency format
click to reduce the
number of decimal
places displayed
click to change
the format of
the field values
When you created the ContractAmt field in Tutorial 1, you added it as a Currency
field to the table. The default format for a Currency field is the Currency format,
which specifies that the values appear with dollar signs and two decimal places.
You need to change this format to the Standard format, which does not display
dollar signs.
3. In the Formatting group, click the Format arrow , and then click Standard . The
dollar signs are removed, but the two decimal places are still displayed.
4. In the Formatting group, click the Decrease Decimals button . Access decreases
the decimal places by one, and the values now display only one decimal place.
5. Click the Decrease Decimals button again to remove the second decimal
place and the decimal point. The ContractAmt field values are now displayed
without dollar signs or decimal places. See Figure 2-7.
Figure 2-7
ContractAmt fi eld values after modifying the format
values are now
displayed without
dollar signs or
decimal places
6. Press the Tab key to move to the SigningDate field. The Data Type option shows
that this field is a Date/Time field.
By default, Access assigns the General Date format to Date/Time fields. (Even
though the Format box in the Formatting group is empty, the SigningDate field
has the General Date format applied to it.) The General Date format includes
settings for date or time values, or a combination of date and time values. However,
Oren wants only date values to be displayed in the SigningDate field, so he asks
you to specify the Short Date format for the field.
When working with date
values, you can type dates
directly or click the date
picker shown in Figure 2-8
to select a date from an
interactive calendar.
7. In the Formatting group, click the Format arrow , and then click Short Date . See
Figure 2-8.
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