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Defining Fields
To begin creating the Invoice table:
1. Click the Create tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Tables group on the Create tab, click the Table Design button. A new table
named Table1 opens in Design view. Refer to the Session 2.1 Visual Overview for a
complete description of the Table window in Design view.
Dei ning Fields
When you fi rst create a table in Design view, the insertion point is located in the fi rst
row’s Field Name box, ready for you to begin defi ning the fi rst fi eld in the table. You
enter values for the Field Name, Data Type, and Description (optional) fi eld properties
and then select values for all other fi eld properties in the Field Properties pane. These
other properties will appear when you move to the fi rst row’s Data Type box.
Defining a Field in Design View
• In the Field Name box, type the name for the field, and then press the Tab key.
• Accept the default Text data type, or click the arrow and select a different data type
for the field. Press the Tab key.
• Enter an optional description for the field, if necessary.
• Use the Field Properties pane to type or select other field properties, as appropriate.
The fi rst fi eld you need to defi ne is the InvoiceNum fi eld. This fi eld will be the primary
key for the Invoice table.
To define the InvoiceNum field:
1. Type InvoiceNum in the first row’s Field Name box, and then press the Tab key
to advance to the Data Type box. The default data type, Text, appears highlighted
in the Data Type box, which now also contains an arrow, and the field properties
for a Text field appear in the Field Properties pane. See Figure 2-10.
Notice that the right side of the Field Properties pane now provides an
explanation for the current property, Data Type.
Trouble? If you make a typing error, you can correct it by clicking to position the
insertion point, and then using either the Backspace key to delete characters to
the left of the insertion point or the Delete key to delete characters to the right of
the insertion point. Then type the correct text.
You can also press the
Enter key to move from
one property to the next in
the Table Design grid.
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