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Defining Fields
The third fi eld in the Invoice table is the InvoiceAmt fi eld, which will display
currency values, similar to the ContractAmt fi eld in the Contract table. However, for this
fi eld, Oren wants the values to appear with two decimal places because invoice amounts
might include cents. He also wants the values to include dollar signs, so that the values
will be formatted as currency when they are printed in reports sent to customers.
To define the InvoiceAmt field:
1. Click the third row’s Field Name box, type InvoiceAmt in the box, and then press
the Tab key to advance to the Data Type box.
2. Click the Data Type arrow, click Currency in the list, and then press the Tab key
to advance to the Description box.
According to Oren’s design (Figure 2-9), you do not need to enter a description for
this field. If you’ve assigned a descriptive field name and the field does not fulfill
a special function (such as primary key), you usually do not enter a value for the
optional Description property. InvoiceAmt is a field that does not require a value
for its Description property.
Oren wants the InvoiceAmt field values to be displayed with two decimal places.
The Decimal Places property specifies the number of decimal places that are
displayed to the right of the decimal point.
3. In the Field Properties pane, click the Decimal Places box to position the
insertion point there. An arrow appears on the right side of the Decimal Places box.
When you position the insertion point or select text in many Access boxes, Access
displays an arrow, which you can click to display a list with options.
You can display the arrow
and the list simultaneously
by clicking the right side
of a box.
4. Click the Decimal Places arrow, and then click in the list to specify two decimal 2
places for the InvoiceAmt field values.
5. Press the Tab key twice to move to the Caption box, and then type Invoice Amt .
The definition of the third field is now complete. See Figure 2-12.
Figure 2-12
Table window after defi ning the fi rst three fi elds
current field
property values set
for the cu rrent field
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