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Defining Fields
The next fi eld you’ll defi ne in the Invoice table is InvoiceDate. This fi eld will contain
the dates on which invoices are generated for Belmont Landscapes customers. When
Belmont Landscapes fi rst draws up contracts with its customers, the fi rm establishes
invoice dates based on the different phases of the projects. For long-term projects with
multiple phases, some of these dates are months or years in the future. You’ll defi ne
the InvoiceDate fi eld using the Date/Time data type. Also, according to Oren’s design
(Figure 2-9), the date values should be displayed in the format mm/dd/yyyy, which is a
two-digit month, a two-digit day, and a four-digit year.
To define the InvoiceDate field:
1. Click the fourth row’s Field Name box, type InvoiceDate , and then press the Tab
key to advance to the Data Type box.
You can select a value from the Data Type list as you did for the InvoiceAmt field.
Alternately, you can type the property value in the box or type just the first
character of the property value.
2. Type d. The value in the fourth row’s Data Type box changes to “date/Time,” with
the letters “ate/Time” highlighted. See Figure 2-13.
Figure 2-13
Selecting a value for the Data Type property
“d” typed
“ate/ Time”
hig hlighted
3. Press the Tab key to advance to the Description box. Note that Access changes
the value for the Data Type property to “Date/Time.”
Oren wants the values in the InvoiceDate field to be displayed in a format
showing the month, the day, and a four-digit year, as in the following example:
03/11/2013. You use the Format property to control the display of a field value.
4. In the Field Properties pane, click the right side of the Format box to display the
list of predefined formats for Date/Time fields. As noted in the right side of the
Field Properties pane, you can either choose a predefined format or enter a
custom format.
Trouble? If you see an arrow instead of a list of predefined formats, click the
arrow to display the list.
None of the predefined formats matches the exact layout Oren wants for the
InvoiceDate values, so you need to create a custom date format. Figure 2-14
shows some of the symbols available for custom date and time formats.
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